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Stirmatic 200P Topper

Finishing topper for trousers with air-operated waistband and leg stretching device. 

     Soft Wash Wet Cleaning

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  • Side waistband stretching device
  • Height adjustable leg stretching carriage and leg clamps made ofstainless steel
  • Built-in three phases fan
  • Air heating device
  • Electronic card for the setting of nine ironing cycles in total
  • Ironing cycle controlling: steaming time, steam/air time, drying time
  • Three pressure regulators (for leg clamps, waistband stretcher and legstretching carriage)
  • Switch for the exclusion of the leg stretching carriage
  • Manual size indicator
  • Mechanical airflow regulator

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Extended Warranty

Total Commercial Equipment can offer extended warranties up to 3 years on selected products. Please contact us for product specific information.

What does an Extended Warranty from Total Commercial Equipment include?

  • High priority service.
  • All parts replaced that have failed under normal operating conditions.
  • All labour costs for diagnosing and replacing faulty parts. (Travel time to remote locations or where a suitable service technician is simply not available may incur some costs.)
  • In most cases, if you would prefer, we can use your choice of service technician.

How does it work?

Your extended warranty commences the day after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Total Commercial Equipment can offer extended warranties to 2 years or 3 years (including the manufacturer's warranty) on selected products.

For all warranties to remain valid, all service work must be authorised prior to its commencement and the product must be used only for the purpose it's designed for.

To make a warranty claim the model number, serial number, invoice number and purchase date must be provided.

How much will it cost?

The cost of your extended warranty will depend on the equipment value. Please contact us for a quote.