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Primus SoftWash Dry-to-Dry Wet Cleaning Solution

Soft Wash Wet Cleaning

SoftWash cleans 100% of garments, 100% of the time.

What is SoftWash?

SoftWash is a new alternative to dry cleaning that is now available. SoftWash by Primus is a dry-to-dry wet cleaning process that has been developed and tested in Europe over the past 10 years. It is an environmentally friendly, water based garment care system that has gone through extensive testing with all fabric types to ensure it is state of the art and a level above traditional wet cleaning. 

Why is SoftWash so unique?

SoftWash is proven to clean 100% of garments, 100% of the time. This includes silk garments which keep their shape and colour beautifully when cleaned using a SoftWash system, leather jackets, household textiles, furniture coverings and fire-proof garments. 

Oil and grease stains are also no problem for a SoftWash system which offers superior stain removal, even on the most delicate of fabrics. The SoftWash spotting chemicals help remove all types of stains, without the use of toxic chemicals. There is no need to hang garments (saving you space) and no additional time involved in carrying out the process when compared with dry cleaning. 

There's a lot to be excited about with SoftWash, and the fact that it is environmentally friendly is just one of these aspects. The SoftWash process only uses water (and uses this sparingly) and biodegradable detergents. Not only is this better for our environment, but better for the health of staff using the system. Garments smell fresh and clean, with no toxic fumes. 

What's more, it's completely versatile. A Primus SoftWash system can be used for dry cleanable garments as well as commercial laundry. Simply set the machines program to clean a load of woollens, silks or the most delicate of wedding dresses and on the next load select the program for regular laundry such as sheets and towels. It's that simple. 

What makes up a SoftWash system?

There are 4 elements:

  • a Primus washer and dryer
  • factory developed SoftWash programming for the washer and dryer
  • SoftWash detergents including specialised spotting agents for all stain types and a detergent feed system
  • finishing or ironing equipment (the system can be used with existing finishing and ironing equipment to save you money)

We can supply all washing, drying, ironing and finishing equipment to complete the process. Enquire with us today. 

Advanced Wet Cleaning - Unrivalled Results - Eco Alternative

Softwash Wet Cleaning Brochure

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