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Planned Maintenance

Total Protection is more than just protecting your equipment against faults and breakdowns. Washers, dryers, dishwasher, ice-machines and combi ovens will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. A planned maintenance check has many benefits including:

  • Ensuring that your equipment is always working to its full capacity, so your business can function without interruption.
  • Extending the life of the equipment and avoiding those expensive repair bills as the equipment gets older.
  • Ensure that your equipment is always compliant with Australian regulatory standards and avoid potentially life-threatening incidents, such as fire or infection.
  • Reduction in your utility bills, including water, electricity and gas, by optimising the performance of your machines.
  • Regular checks will help to prevent over/under dosing of chemicals, which can eliminate issues to the machine caused by over foaming, save you chemical costs as you will purchase less often and reduce your water usage caused by inefficient cleaning cycles

Our Total Protection Planned Maintenance Plans have been designed with you in mind. Our experienced staff will assess your equipment and its usage and recommend the regularity of your maintenance checks, tailored to your needs. There are no lock in contracts, just peace of mind that your equipment is always functioning and always compliant.

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