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Backpackers rely on positive guest experiences to be successful and we know that having an efficient laundry and kitchen can be an integral part of a customers stay.

Having an efficient guest laundry is essential for guests. It also has to be a profitable part of your business. Primus washers and dryers are reliable and simple to use. We offer a complete range of laundry equipment as well as accessories such as a Cashless Tap & Start System that your guests will love.

We also know that your back of house laundry should be as efficient as possible with time and energy output. Our wide variety of Primus commercial washers and dryers are perfect to frequently wash and dry towels and linen.

Keeping your guest kitchen up to date with working equipment is vital to enhancing your guests stay. Whether you want to add to an existing layout, or replace old equipment, we have a kitchen solution for you.

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