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Efficiency Criteria

Total Commercial Equipment recommends selected products for their efficiency in reducing your energy (electricity, gas, water) or labour costs. 

A product we recommended as efficient may include one or more of these features, depending on the type of product. 

More product specific information on how these products can help make your business more efficient is available from our sales team. Contact us today.  

Kitchen Equipment

  • flower flame burner - adapts the flame to heat only the bottom of the pan
  • copper flashed heat exchangers - provide remarkable temperature recovery
  • induction cooking devices - waste less heat to the room and are faster and more responsive than other cooking methods
  • waterless woks - use approximately 90% less water
  • steam heat recovery device - recovers and condenses steam
  • double skinned walls or hood - reduce noise and thermal emissons
  • WELS 5 Star rating - use considerably less water
  • Power Soak system - require considerably less labour than mechanical style washers
  • glass elements - are stronger and more durable
  • one element for multiple functions - reduces cooking time
  • thick insulation - reduces condensation and minimises energy loss
  • R290 natural refrigerant gas (hydrocarbon) - reduces energy consumption and the effect on global warming
  • LED lighting - minimises energy consumption

Laundry Equipment

  • High GForce - removes more moisture from the linen, reducing energy costs
  • high spin speed - provides a faster wash cycle, which uses less energy
  • front loader washers - use less water
  • automatic feeders - require less labour than manual feeders
  • Soft Wash cleaning processes - use less water and energy and no costly chemicals