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Silver Chef Rental

Total Commercial Equipment can offer equipment rental from Silver Chef. 

Rental is a cost effective and easy way to have the equipment your business needs and the equipment your customers, residents or staff want. We can arrange rental finance on the complete project in most cases, and this can include laundry equipment, cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment, refrigeration, installation, preventative maintenance, plumbing, electrical and minor building works.

With Rent-Try-Buy you rent and get the equipment you need upfront, while still having the option to buy at a later time. You choose your equipment, make low weekly payments for 12 months, and get flexible options during and at the end of the agreement. 

It's easy to apply and Silver Chef approve most applicants in less than 24 hours.

At any time you can upgrade your equipment or purchase your equipment and get a 75% net rental rebate on your first 12 months' payments.

At the end of your 12 month agreement:

  • Return your equipment and make no further rental payments,
  • Continue renting, or
  • Work towards owning your equipment.

Benefits of Rent-Try-Buy

  • Renting means less cost upfront - freeing up more working capital for running your business.
  • Rental payments are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Off balance sheet finance doesn't impact your borrowing ability.

Click here for Silver Chef's Rental Calculator to see how much your rent will be today.

(Taxation and accounting considerations are general and based on present laws and may be subject to change. You should seek independent, professional tax and accounting advice before making any decision based on this information.) 

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