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Silver Chef Rental

Total Commercial Equipment can offer equipment rental from Silver Chef.

Rental is a cost effective and easy way to have the equipment your business needs and the equipment your customers, residents or staff want. We can arrange rental finance on the complete project in most cases, and this can include laundry equipment, cooking equipment, dishwashing equipment, refrigeration, air conditioning, installation, preventative maintenance, plumbing, electrical and minor building works etc.

Rental finance is for a minimum 12 month period. After this time you can return the equipment if it is no longer suitable. There is also the option to upgrade or purchase the equipment at any time during your rental period.

Often no financials are required and approvals can take, in some cases, as little as 24 hours.

Rental finance is 100% tax deductible and it is an off balance sheet expense, so why not make your life easier and have the latest equipment to save you time and make you money. Silver Chef even rent to NEW businesses!

Click here for Silver Chef's Rental Calculator to see how much your rent will be today.

Permanently Reduced Upfront Costs

Silver Chef funding is now more accessible than ever with permanently reduced upfront costs. If you are funding equipment for a business you have owned for over 2 years, you can now enjoy zero upfront costs. For all other applicants, they've removed the application fee and more than halved the security bond from 13 weeks to just 6 weeks.