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SKOPE ITV ALFA Self Contained Ice Machines

SKOPE'S ITV ALFA self-contained ice makers have been designed for underbench applications. The front ventilation system means you do not lose productivity when built-in, while the four column stainless steel structure is designed for durability and ease of access, installation and service. 

ITV's patented flexible nozzle spray system prevents limescale build up while simutaneously improving the efficient production of ice cubes. The elastic shower system forms individual cubes by spraying water onto a cooled horizontal evaporator producing consistent, crystal clear ice, suitable for any hospitality establishment. 

The range of self-contained ice makers is available in 5 models:

  • NDP20 A - 24kg ice production in 24 hours (mini alfa shaped ice)
  • NG30 A - 30kg ice production in 24 hours (alfa shaped ice)
  • NG45 A - 45kg ice production in 24 hours (alfa shaped ice)
  • NG60 A - 60kg ice production in 24 hours (alfa shaped ice)
  • NG80 A - 80kg ice production in 24 hours (alfa shaped ice)

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  • ITV patented unique flexible spray rubber nozzles reduce the buildup of limescale.
  • Dynamic production, water constantly circulates to allow ice to gradually forms in thin layers, avoiding trapped gases & producing crystal clear ice cubes.
  • Only the purest of ice cubes are produced.
  • Robust folding door for long-life and durability.
  • Insulated storage bin with polyurethane foam insulation gives higher rigidity with lower heat transmission.
  • Front breathing ventilation for tighter space, allows machine to be built in.
  • Strong AISI 304 stainless steel frame. Easy servicing operations without disassembling the whole machine.
  • Silent rain system, all parts in contact with water have been designed to minimize their friction resulting in a very low noise level.
  • Easy access to top operational switches.
  • To ensure correct operation and meet SKOPE warranty requirements, this ice maker must be installed with a suitable water filter (not supplied as standard). 
  • Trusted SKOPE 2 Year Warranty Protection Plan.

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