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Vitamix XL Variable Speed

This large capacity countertop blender will maximise your kitchen's possibilities. It is capable of blending up to 24 servings at once in the vast 5.6L container.

  • Powerful ~4.2 peak output HP motor allows heavy blending from delicate tomatoes to dense meat 
  • Large 5.6 litre container allows up to 24 (240ml) servings in a single batch
  • Can be used for both hot and cold ingredients
  • Low countertop profile and removable lid plug make it easy to add ingredients while blending
  • Pulse function and variable speed control increase blending versatility
  • High performance blade design for improved staff and workflow efficiency
  • Tamper stick for whole food processing allows for expanded menu offerings
  • Low countertop profile is ergonomically designed resulting in ease of use and better space management

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