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MKN Space Combi

The MKN Space Combi is extremely compact ... at only 55cm wide it fits any kitchen. 

It's compact, yet it offers an outstanding capacity ... 6 x GN 1/1 trays. 

What's more, it doesn't require an exhaust canopy. The HoodIn option replaces a conventional exhaust hood without any additional space requirement. 80% of the vapours produced during cooking are condensed. 

You will enjoy cooking with a MKN Space Combi!

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  • HoodIn integrated steam condensation replaces the need for a conventional exhaust hood
  • Magic Pilot image representation, with a full viewing angle of the touch screen from all sides
  • Favourites function enables you to start with a single touch
  • Automatic quantity detection registers the food load itself and the cooking parameters are adjusted accordingly
  • Low water consumption
  • Automatic safety steam extraction means the door can be opened safely without steam escaping
  • Automatic cleaning with two-in-one cartridge

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