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Meiko TOPIC Bedpan Washers

The innovative TOPIC range of bedpan washers works with rigorous efficiency to create painstaking cleanliness and disinfection, releasing nursing staff from this work so they can devote themselves to their real job - interacting with their patients. 

Bed pans, urine bottles, commode buckets etc are automatically and reliably emptied, cleaned and disinfected, all safely behind a seal door. 

The TOPIC range is available as a stand alone unit, or can be customised to include a sluice unit and slop sink. 

  • "one touch" operating system, with large-sized membrane keypads and unambiguous icons
  • short, individually adjustable and effective program cycles
  • maximum flexibility provided by multi-functional brackets for care utensils
  • patented, steam proof cleaning and disinfection system
  • all-round cleaning by the powerjet system
  • electronic controls with versatile cleaning programs
  • hygiene security created by thermal disinfection
  • reduced use of water, detergent and rinse aids
  • extensive range of accessories

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