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Anets Filtration Systems

Anets gas filter fryers are based around the renowned Anets14GS.CS open pot high efficiency deep fryers. 

Anets inbuilt filter systems, offer a quick and easy hands free - oil filtration solution. Frequently filtering of oil will extend its life providing customers with a consistently better tasting, fried product, every day!

Fast food restaurants across the world maximise the benefits of frequent filtration of oil and have done so for over 30 years. The million dollar question is, “When should the oil be changed?” The decision should be based on the finished food quality and flavour of the product as well as colour and appearance of the oil. If the oil is very dark, lazy, smoking or foaming, then it is time for a change.

Filtering fryers involves some very important processes, including filter pads and possibly filter powder. Anets quality filter pads are envelopes which work more effectively than a single sheet.

Filter Powder
Filter powder help removes impurities such as free fatty acids and total polar materials, which change the surface tension of oil, resulting in the food soaking up more oil and becoming greasier. Products such as MAGNESOL® are an activated filter powder that attracts and extracts soluble liquid impurities that contributes to reduction in flavour and increase in odours. MAGNESOL® acts like a magnet, so the impurities are caught in the filter media allowing only filtered oil to pass through.


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  • hands free system, safe to use
  • filter intake leaves no oil residue in tank
  • filter one fryer while cooking in another
  • prolongs the life of the oil and produces a better fried product
  • self contained units so not to interfere with your kitchen operation
  • fits neatly under two Anets 14GS.CS fryers
  • also includes an oil bypass system where the old oil can be automatically dumped into waste drums

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