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Robot Coupe Stick Blenders & Whisks

Robot Coupe have four ranges of Stick Blenders and Whisks, or Stab Mixers:

Mini Range - These are designed for handling smaller quantities with shaft lengths ranging from 160mm to 240mm. All these models have variable speed control.

Compact Range - These are designed for the restaurant industry. 15Litre (250mm shaft), 30Litre (300mm shaft) and 45Litre (350mm shaft) . All these models have variable speed control.

Large Range - These models are designed for commercial production. Usable with 50Litre to 400Litre quantities. Their shaft lengths range from 350mm to 740mm. These models can also have a variable speed feature.

Combi Range - This range of stick blenders come with a whisk head attachment for total flexibility. The range starts with a 150mm shaft and offers seven options through to 450mm shaft - all with the variable speed feature.

Did you know that Robot Coupe Stick Blenders can be dismantled for cleaning, to reduce the possibility of cross contamination?

  • they have a removable bell assembly to facilitate thorough cleaning of the machine after each use
  • they comply with HACCP cleaning and storage standards
  • they come with detailed instructions on the correct procedure and timing for cleaning

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