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Meiko FV 130.2 Pot & Pan Washer

The Meiko FV 130.2 is a powerful utensil washer that can confidently handle the dirtiest pots, the biggest bowls, and even pans with burnt-on food. It uses an innovative, oscillating wash system combined with a highly effective rotating arm rinse system. The MIKE 2 electronic system controls this pot and pan washer with its built-in infrared interface. 

Behind the large door there's plenty of space to get pots, pans, bowls, trays, kitchen utensils or transport containers hygienically clean. 

  • capacity: up to 30 baskets per hour
  • basket dimensions: 850 x 700mm
  • first-class washing results with minimal use of water
  • ultra-low running costs with the AktivPlus wash water filter system
  • optional GiO module eliminates the need for hand polishing
  • heat recovery plus an 80 % reduction in steam output (Point2 AirConcept)
  • ultra-quiet operation thanks to double-walled design of the utensilwasher

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