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Electrolux air-o-steam Combi Ovens (Level B)

Electrolux air-o-steam combi ovens offer precise control of both humidity and air circulation within the cooking chamber, guaranteeing a continuous supply of fresh steam at all times and cooking evenness. 

Featuring a boiler-tank design. 

Various cooking cycles are available by manually selecting the parameters. 

Available in 6, 10 and 20 tray capacities, in gas or electric heat. 

  • traditional cooking cycles available, including:
    • dry, hot convection cycle
    • low temperature steam cycle
    • steam cycle
    • high temperature steam cycle
    • combination cycle
    • regeneration cycle
  • by-pass technology controls the humidity degree of the oven atmosphere
  • full or half speed fan cycles, or pulse ventilation
  • single sensor core temperature probe included
  • reduced power cycle
  • air-o-flow system - fresh air from outside is directed to the bi-functional fan, becomes pre-heated and is then pushed into the cooking chamber
  • automatic and built-in self cleaning system

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