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Anets 14GS.CS Open Pot Gas Fryers

The Anets 14GS.CS is one of the most efficient atmospheric gas deep fryers available in Australia. 

The unique cross fire burner design splits the flame to help increase the heat transfer. Then, over 430 copper flashed heating studs on the frypot trap the heat and transfer it to the oil extremely quickly. This ensures fast recovery every single time the fryer is placed under pressure. Consistent product can only be achieved by a fryer that can recover quickly to seal the product and stop oil absorption.

The Anets 14GS.CS has a true deep and easy to clean cold zone that will ensure longer oil life and better tasting food. 

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  • 126mJ
  • 20-22 litre oil capacity
  • stainless steel frypot with 10 year warranty
  • easy to clean design
  • over 430 copper flashed heating studs to increase efficiency and temperature recovery
  • cleaning rod

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